Buggie Huggie childproofs your shopping cart

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In the US alone, over 24,000 kids each year go to the ER from shopping cart accidents. In fact, our son Jonah fell out of a shopping cart twice, even though he had been buckled in both times. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, so we created the Buggie Huggie to childproof the shopping cart!

The Buggie Huggie is like a high chair tray for your shopping cart, designed to help secure and entertain your little ones while making shopping a lot less stressful for you.

With it’s double-latch safety system and “hugging” restraint layer, your toddler will have a much harder time trying to stand up or crawl out of the shopping cart.

And to keep them occupied, you can lay out snacks on the tray, attach their favorite toy, set up a coloring station, or even attach your phone for their favorite show with the optional phone holder accessory.

The Buggie Huggie collapses and fits into most standard-sized diaper bags, works with most shopping carts, and is made of BPA-free and food-grade material.

For use from 1-4 years, the Buggie Huggie combines safety and fun all into one! Shopping with your toddler will never be the same!






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