He’s Not A Pig He’s My Brother

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LA-based children’s author releases humorous and heartfe LA-based children’s author releases humorous and heartfelt sequel in honor of his beloved dogs. 

 He’s Not A Pig; He’s My Brother by Mark Tiffany

In his latest work, author Mark Tiffany further expands upon his canine characters from his 2019 publication of The Green-eyed Monster in a Maltese Suit. Inspiration for the sequel and his first book stems from his real-life experiences with his Maltese puppies, Carter and Jack.

In He’s Not A Pig; He’s My Brother!, puppy brothers Carter and Jack return with more mischief and mayhem for their owners Erin and Matthew. After big brother Carter hurts Jack’s feelings with a top dog lecture, Matthew introduces a new training regimen. With tensions mounting, Carter takes a cue from a television commercial of racing pigs at the county fair. He runs away to join them. Upon arrival, Carter is confronted with the reality that he is, in fact, not a pig. He finds a solution for his appearance in the cotton candy concession. With his disguise in place, Carter enters the race track and is an instant success. Meanwhile, at home, Jack grows ever more worried about the welfare of his brother. In order to save the family, Jack heads to the fair to retrieve his brother. Unaware of their puppies’ whereabouts, Erin and Matthew are devastated. Ultimately, Jack finds Carter and persuades him to come home. Together again, the family joyously celebrates their reunion while recognizing ways to improve their relationships.

“I want to showcase the love and affection dog owners can have for their pets while highlighting messages on alpha dog theory, training techniques, and even brotherly love,” says Tiffany. “My love for these puppies always triumphs, despite their mischief and mayhem. ” He’s Not A Pig; He’s My Brother! is available for purchase online at Amazon.

About the Author Mark Tiffany is a former aerospace and defense industry executive with The Boeing Company. He is the author of The Green-eyed Monster in a Maltese Suit. He currently resides in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, with his wife and Carter and Jack.

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