Buggie HuggieTM revitalizes moms’ in-store shopping experience.

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The Buggie Huggie, a new shopping cart tray for toddlers, is giving moms peace of mind through more safety and less meltdowns in the new normal of in-store shopping.

The Buggie Huggieis a new shopping cart tray that helps secure and entertain toddlers, giving moms confidence to shop in stores again after months of fear & uncertainty. The Buggie Huggieis a mom-centered company with the mission to empower moms everywhere with tools that help reduce stress, build confidence, and eliminate mom guilt.

Jack Clark III, Chief Stewardship Officer of Buggie Huggie shared: “As parents everywhere face decision fatigue from months of quarantine with their little ones, we are passionate about reducing their stress on simple things, like running errands in-store with their toddlers. Even during the everchanging store safety guidelines, our beta testers & brand affiliates have described the Buggie Huggieshopping cart tray as a ‘game changer,’ ‘life-saver,’ and ‘favorite mom hack.’ We cannot wait to help moms all over the country upgrade their shopping experience, too!”

Invented by Nichole Clark, whose son hit his head on the ground in a horrifying fall from a shopping cart two years ago, the Buggie Huggiehas a “hugging” safety layer to keep toddlers from standing up and reaching for items, along with a tray that is perfect for snacks, books, and toys. There is even a phone holder accessory clip for kids’ favorite shows or apps. This shopping cart tray is the first of its kind to help secure and entertain toddlers while moms shop in peace. Over 24,000 kids each year end up in the emergency room from shopping cart falls in the US alone, and 75% of those involve a head injury. The Buggie Huggie™ exists to reduce that statistic for good!

“I never thought of myself as an inventor and entrepreneur,” says Nichole Clark, Founder of the

Buggie Huggie™ and homeschool mom of 3 active adventurers under the age of 7. “But after Jonah fell, I was desperate for a solution to ease my growing anxiety & embarrassment about shopping with my kids. Now, through the Buggie HuggieI am committed to promoting the peace and hope every mom deserves — I want every mom out there to know you are not alone, and together, we will make itthrough this season!”

Learn more about the Buggie Huggieat www.buggiehuggie.com or follow them on Instagram andFacebook @thebuggiehuggie.

About Buggie Huggie™

Under the leadership of an authentic mom and her entrepreneurial family, the Buggie Huggieis an exciting new shopping solution with the mission to empower moms everywhere to enjoy the little things (even shopping!) with their kids again. The Buggie Huggiehelps kids have more safety and less meltdowns in the shopping cart so moms can have more peace and less stress in stores.

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