The bökee is a first-of-its-kind product

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What is it: The bökee is a first-of-its-kind product that enables parents and caregivers to make any bottle or sippy cup with one hand. It also allows pumping moms to transfer breast milk from storage bag to bottle without risk of spilling the precious contents and keeps silicone breast pumps, like Haakaa, upright when full. Each bӧkee is one-piece of food-grade silicone, dishwasher safe, portable, and ready to lend parents/caregivers a hand. There is truly nothing like bökee on the market.

The need: Parenthood is an amazing journey filled with new experiences and surprises. One that most new parents don’t expect is the constant need for an extra set of hands, particularly during feeding time!

The idea came out of necessity when one night, dad, Brandon was making (yet another) bottle… he couldn’t figure out why he needed to put his crying baby down or wear a carrier just so he could get the top on and off. The whole process seemed disruptive and unnecessary when all one of your hands actually does in those instances is hold the bottle in place. He couldn’t let this thought go.

Developed by two dads, who were soon joined by their spouses, the two-family team created the bökee, an innovative feeding accessory that allows parents and caregivers to prepare any bottle or sippy cup entirely with one-hand.

Inspired by ceramics and minimalist design, the bökee aesthetic is as versatile as its use cases, which includes making bottles/sippy cups, transferring breast milk from storage bag to bottle, cleaning pump parts, holding your Haakaa, and even getting the lid off a stubborn pickle jar. At $19.99, the bökee is a reasonably-priced go-to gift for any new parent. The bökee continues to lend a hand as children grow into sippy cups and families expand.

How to bökee: Simply push the bökee down on a smooth, dry countertop. Nestle the bottle or sippy cup into the bkee. Apply gentle pressure as the bökee grips to hold the item in place while you open or close it as needed.

Accolades: bökee has been recognized with a 2020 JPMA Innovation Award for Best Product Under $25, as well as the Best of 2020 by Pregnant Chicken. Media outlets, including Forbes, Motherly, PopSugar, weeSpring, Red Tricycle, Pregnancy & Newborn, Babylist, Romper, and more have all written about bӧkee! 310-426-8785

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