Chalkboard Shoes by Baby Says

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Chalkboard Shoes by Baby Says is an innovative baby product that has been described as a must-have for baby registries. The brand new adorable line of infant footwear was inspired by a loving mom’s desire to help older children interact with their new baby siblings by having them involved in a fun way. When her 2-year old daughter came to her because she was frustrated and had a hard time figuring out how to play with her newborn sister, the mom handed the 2-yo a small chalkboard and suggested she draw a picture for the new baby as a gift. When she was finished, the 2-yo then placed the small chalkboard at the baby’s feet, next to her shoes, and at that moment baby chalkboard shoes were born.

Babies 0-12 months old are usually on their backs, in a highchair, car seat, swaddle, or being held and many times you see the bottom of the shoes. That is a beautiful area perfect for messages and documenting milestones, rather than using large heavy chalkboard or monthly stickers on shirts.

The product is particularly unique in having a chalkboard bottom that allows parents and siblings to have fun with the baby shoes while making memories that last. Each chalkboard shoe kit comes with a pair of shoes with a soft, chalkboard sole, and an 8-pack of safe, non-toxic multi-colored chalk markers. The markers do not smear when dry, unlike traditional chalk, and can be easily erased from the shoes using liquid dish soap and water for a clean slate.

One of the major benefits of these expressive baby shoes is that it helps to strengthen the bond between babies and their siblings as well as their parents and guardians through art. The shoes are great for pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, photo shoots, family gatherings, sporting events, holidays, month-to-month milestones, and many other events and celebrations. The shoes are also great for capturing beautiful memories, while looking stylish and unique.

Chalkboard Shoes by Baby Says lets your baby’s feet do that talking and come in two styles – moccasins and sneakers and are available in several colors. The shoes have become increasingly popular among parents because of their versatility. When they are not being used as chalkboard shoes, the sneakers or moccasins can be worn just like regular crib shoes. With one pair of shoes, parents not only get beautiful baby shoes but also a functioning chalkboard sole to write messages and create drawings.

Tailor-made for today’s social media-obsessed world, the brand has made sharing your babies’ milestones even easier than before. More information about the shoes and other baby products from Baby Says can be found on their

Baby Says is also available across several social media platforms including,, and

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