Baby deedee award winning sleepwear

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Baby deedee is a mom-owned baby sleepwear company that has proved itself over the years, as an award-winning, high-quality brand to be trusted by parents and caregivers. Known for our wearable blankets, the original ‘sleep nest’ was designed to help promote sleep for baby.

When Dominique de Bourgknecht became a mom, her first son was a healthy active baby, but a struggle to get him to sleep. She envisioned a sleeping bag in a cocoon-like shape, with a soft cotton exterior and filled with light, breathable, plush duvet quilting to help him to sleep but, in her hunt, couldn’t find anything. So, she designed one! The cozy 2.5 TOG duvet sleep bag was a success. Her son was sleeping soundly in his nest and soon the range expanded to cover all seasons.

This time the family of products is growing again. We are so excited to introduce the newest baby deedee collection – baby deedee essentials. Everything loved about the baby deedee sleep nests but at their best price! Just born into the essentials line, is the baby deedee ‘sleep nest basic’. No more loose blankets in the crib with this super soft sleep nest in a comforting cocoon shape. This sleep bag is a light-weight 0.6 TOG making it the ideal choice for warmer nurseries and summertime sleeping. With this new collection, we hope to introduce even more families to our easy to use baby sleep bags with their shoulder snaps for easy dressing. Transfer a sleeping baby easily into her nest, or if awake, no fighting wriggly arms though an arm hole. Simply lay baby into the open nest, snaps the shoulders up and zip. The oversized reverse quiet zipper makes for easy, quick diaper changes and with the center zipper design, the bag is less bulky for baby’s comfort.

Four beautiful color options are available including ‘calming gray’ and ‘almond cream’. The sophisticated color palette will appeal to the modern mom and the 100% Indian jersey cotton is not only soft for baby, but breathable for comfort. The special tab at the end of the zipper to tuck the toggle away, ensures baby is zipped up all night long. What’s more, this is a machine washable and dryer friendly product, which is so important with baby and toddler bedding. Sized from 0 -36 months, families will love baby deedee right through the early years. Check out the sleep nest basic as well as our range of pajamas and outdoor gear at…

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