L-Bow Children’s Outdoor Gear Celebrates 30 years

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30 Years Is  A Long Time…

Especially long when you’re a family-owned business bent on breaking into the uber-competitive outdoor apparel space while carving out your own unique niche thanks to a novel idea born out of an “everyday mom’s real-world need.”

That’s right, L-Bow™ was founded three decades ago when a stay-at-home mother of four needed a practical solution for her kid’s chapped, cold wrists in snowy Minnesota. Three decades later, those 4 L-Bow™ kids are having kids of their own, and the L-Bow™ Legacy is now a second-generation family business with #3 L-Bow™ son Kevin “running the entire gauntlet.”

With new generations of kids and parents came a demand for new styles, colors, features and products, not to mention a robust social media presence, and click-friendly availability and delivery methods.

Kevin knew the L-Bow™ brand experience had to change with the times, so he called on his 30 years of L-Bow™ experience and went to work. Relying on his rural Minnesota roots and his lifelong passion for anything outdoors- especially winter sports- Kevin parlayed a combination of his active outdoor Lifestyle sensibilities with fresh, innovative and effective production and marketing tactics to ensure L-Bow™ continues to grow its Legacy in the soft goods accessories market for decades (and generations) to come!

Let the Next Generation Fall In Love With Winter! Keven (Owner)

From newborn to teen, covering feet, hands and head, 30 years later L-Bow’s commitment is still unwavering as it strives to further expand the outdoor children’s soft goods sector by creating quality protective gear that really works.

Shop: lbow.com Sales: info@lbow.com

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