Almirah launches new Spring Summer 2021 Line

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Almirah (meaning cupboard) is a place for special things to be stored away: a world of colors, smell and textures. Started by a mother daughter team, Divya and Aditi, in 2009 ths brand makes clothes, bedding and accessories for children from 0-12 years with fashion and handicrafts at its core.

They aim to be culturally connected and believe in contemporary design with a handmade edge. Using cosmopolitan silhouettes, they believe in clothing that makes children feel dreamy, comfortable and their speciality lies i embroidered cottons, soft printed organic cottons. Signature fabrics made with the help of artisans using different techniques. Conscious slow fashion made easy, and distinct. Every motif is hand drawn by Aditi and then transferred onto fabric using a handmade technique be it block printing, hand screens or embroidery.

Staying inspired and getting creative is their motto for 2021. Their collection is hoping to make you escape into a world of dancing sweets, twirling dolphins and your favorite cupcakes. So let’s stay inspired to grow a houseplant, bake yourself a treat or draw from your imagination and wear complimenting clothes to inspire us in the most sustainable¬† clothing all made with natural fabrics. Pre-order the collection at:


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