Ollie World Introduces Dailies, Moisture Wicking Bodysuits for Baby

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Bodysuits are ever present in the early days of any child’s life: they’re comfortable for babies and easy to put on and deal with diaper changes, for parents and caregivers. But not all bodysuits are created equal. Dailies made by the Ollie World, creators of the award winning Ollie Swaddle, go a step further than the standard cotton bodysuit by bringing science into the mix. A baby’s body isn’t yet set up to regulate temperature perfectly and their small size means that they can quickly become overheated. The exceptionally soft, custom patented moisture-wicking fabric in the new Dailies brings moisture away from the skin and through to the top of the fabric where it evaporates, leaving the skin dry and baby cool and comfy and reducing the risk of overheating. It also helps reduce rashes and skin irritations. Special thread that is woven into the fabric ensures durability and integrity of the fabric, through many wears and washes. All of which is designed to help baby flourish. Available as basic bodysuits and in a wrap style, in three soothing colors: sky, lavender and stone, the Dailies will become the staple clothing item that parents will rely on to keep baby safe, dry and comfortable.

Pricing MSRP $18-$22.

See https://theollieworld.com/ for more information.

For wholesale information, email care@theollieworld.com

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