My Gnome On The Roam™

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Families are spending an unprecedented amount of time at home and together. What else can we do besides sit on our phones, scroll social media or binge watch shows? Wouldn’t an ideal way to take advantage of the time be to build creativity, grow imagination and create lasting family memories? Are you looking for something interesting, unique and a different way to use the time?

My Gnome on the Roam® offers a fun and unique way to connect with your children through a kit filled with creativity and adventure. This magical box provides all of the tools you need to connect, create and add adventure to a normal day.

The adorable, quality suitcase of memories is just waiting to be unpacked to discover: – Your very own DIY gnome who’s ready for adventure.

  • A My Gnome on the Roam® story book to read and color.
  • A family Adventure Journal filled with over 100 blank pages waiting to capture and document your fun-filled days.
  • A mystical pen to help you turn those adventures into stories and memories.
  • A durable, storage suitcase to carry on all of your travels.

The best part is the exclusive Gnome adventure app, “Time to Roam: 15 Minute Adventures for Busy Families.” It provides easy family and personal adventures every day that take only 15 minutes but build a lifetime of memories. Take a journey, build a memory and capture it all in your Adventure Journal. The app is the “Holy Grail” of adventure ideas that can take place anywhere, including your home and backyard. Never be bored again by turning your living room, kitchen or a short walk into a new adventure.

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