Get Dressy, Not Messy!

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Meet the sleeved bibs that are changing the way kids dine, and turning a lot of heads at the same time.

Mealtime can certainly be challenging for parents. Finding foods that their child will eat, prepping meals, feeding their child and cleaning up afterwards, can be extremely time consuming.

Some parents have opted for Baby-Led-Weaning (BLW) which allows their child to be in the driver’s seat and explore foods on their own. Unfortunately, BLW usually results in a huge mess. The areas that typically get the most messy are their child’s clothes, their lap, the inside of their highchair and the floor underneath them.

Traditional bibs may catch dropped food, but what keeps the rest of their body and arms clean? Parents could buy a smock, but foods and liquids tend to just run onto their child’s lap and floor.

Enter the KidCoverby KidDazzle.

This innovative product combines the best of both in one piece and looks absolutely adorable in the process. It truly is a game changer!

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