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Stuff We Love… There’s nothing more rewarding than showcasing the stuff we love for our readers. Moms are conscious about giving kids a healthy start, and should be considered way before your little one’s arrival. Expectant and new mom are in tune to the real concerns regarding breastfeeding. Nipple pain is a sore topic for most and can put a damper on the special mom and baby bond you crave. Breastfeeding provides baby with essential vitamins and exposure to antioxidants-a healthy choice; but cracked skin shouldn’t alter your breastfeeding decision.

Mom tested…Experience is the very best way to find the most innovative products on the market. While many of our readers had very real concerns about breastfeeding soreness, relief was found in the form of the EasyNurse salve that has taken the world by storm.

Determined to get the good, the bad and the final review, we asked many moms to share their experiences. “Remarkable. Lifesaving. Soothing. Award Winning,”were some of the anecdotal references we received. EasyNurse was the savior for new moms suffering from painful nipples and skin irritation.

Inside the serum…To combat discomfort, EasyNurse combines the effective attributes of lanolin with the added potency of a unique blend of herbal goodness. All natural and safe for baby to ingest, ingredients are combined in the form of skin restorative oils, nourishing herbs and anti inflammatory properties. Soothing chamomile and antioxidant rich ingredients round out the product that heals immediately upon contact.

Lanolin + Love?…A derivative of sheep’s wool, lanolin is similar in composition to the molecular components of human skin. When paired with anti scar benefits and a proprietary blend of super herbs, it provides instant relief when applied topically. Doctor recommended and award winning, EasyNurse has been given the National Parenting Publications Award and is recognized by leading pediatricians as the #1 parenting product for lactation relief.

The Universal Miracle Cream…We love that EasyNurse is 100% safe for baby to ingest. No longer just a nipple ointment, use EasyNurse™ for diaper rash relief and other skin treatments.

You can find EasyNurse online or at select retail stores.


For Wholesale information email sales@easynurse.com or call 845-371-1881

EasyNurse™ For life’s special moments.nursing

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