Meet Swaddle Sleeves™

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Meet Swaddle Sleeves™: the gently weighted, arms-only swaddle transition solution that is designed to soothe baby’s startles and reduce the risk of overheating. Swaddle Sleeves™ can be worn with only a onesie, or an (arms-out) swaddle, sleep sack, or PJs that baby will graduate to for a seamless transition. It is also perfect as a swaddle alternative for babies who don’t like being traditionally swaddled but still have a strong Moro reflex. With a non-slip, chevron-patterned, non toxic silicone backing, Swaddle Sleeves™ meets CPSIA safety standards and current market appeal.

Safety and effectiveness were the two most important factors Umma Shekhani, the founder of Two Baby Bears and Co.™, considered when bringing the product to market: “Swaddle Sleeves™ was developed in collaboration with pediatricians, pediatric physical therapists, and pediatric nurses to make sure that we brought only the safest, most effective product to help babies drift off sleepily into dreamland.”

The gentle weight due to the Hug Cushioning Factor™ (less than 10% of baby’s bodyweight as per physiotherapy standards) helps to soothe the baby’s Moro/startle reflex and safely provides that snug, cozy resistance that babies desire while still leaving their arms and body free for developmentally appropriate movement.

The award-winning swaddle transition product gives baby the feeling of being cuddled and a sense of warmth and safety, only second best to being snuggled up in their parents’ arms.

Swaddle Sleeves™ is designed to reduce constant wake-ups and help babies transition safely to arms-out sleep with minimal sleep disturbances to ensure maximum sleep comfort.

Founder Umma Shekhani says, “I created Swaddle Sleeves™ for my daughter so that she would sleep better after we transitioned her out of the swaddle and into the crib. A true swaddle lover, she wasn’t taking well to any one of the transition products we bought for her: They either ran too warm or gave her too much freedom, and our little girl just wasn’t having it! One night, driven out of a sense of desperation that only sleep deprivation can spark, I sketched and sewed the first version of Swaddle Sleeves™. I tried them on my daughter the next night, and what do you know? She went out like a light! Hallelujah! Within two days, she would calm down as soon as Swaddle Sleeves™ were on her arms and safely self-soothe and put herself to sleep once again. Word quickly got out, and soon everyone wanted a pair of these magical sleeves. As feedback poured in, we knew that Swaddle Sleeves™ were too good to keep just to ourselves, and so Two Baby Bears and Co.™ was born!”

So, what next? Two Baby Bears and Co.™ is currently in the process of exploring partnerships with big-box retailers such as Buy Buy Baby and others, as well as boutique stores. Swaddle Sleeves™ can be found at

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