Nalaire Balanced Toddler Plate

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Nalaire owner and inventor Justina Chobor Ryan understands the struggles of being a working mom and providing healthy meals for her 2 daughters.

“When my daughter was attending daycare, I had a hard time finding the perfect container for her daily lunch and snacks. I was looking for a 4 sectioned plate with a lid so it would be easily transported to daycare. That’s when my husband said design your own!” With the help of her husband’s engineering background, the Nalaire plate was invented.


The Nalaire balanced toddler plate is designed to provide a balanced meal for your child. The plate is divided into 4 sections for Fruits, Grains, Vegetables, and Proteins. The fruit section has a removable section, you enjoy a warm meal while keeping your fruit cold. Individual section keep food separated and prevent foods from touching.

The plates are BPA Free, microwave safe and dishwasher safe (top rack). They come with a convenient snap on lid for easy transport and storage. They are sold as a pack of 2. Perfect for meal prep, snacks, lunches and on the go travel.

This plate is ideal for daycares or for form. It’s a valuable tool for children to learn what a balanced and nutritious meal should be.

Babysitters and grandparents will LOVE finding a portioned dinner ready in the fridge.

Nalaire plates are available on

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