Flight For Freedom

Kristen Fulton tells the true story of Peter Wetzel, an extraordinarily brave child who hatches a plan with his family to escape East Germany in 1979

Peter was form on the east side of Germany, the side that wasn’t free. He watches news programs rather than cartoons, and wears scratchy uniforms instead of blue jeans. His family endures long lines and early curfews. But, Peter and his family have a secret. Late at night in their attic, they are piecing together a hot air balloon- and a plan. Can Peter and his family fly their way to freedom? This is a true story of one child, Peter Wetzel, and his family, as they risk their lives for the hope of freedom in a daring escape from East Germany via a handmade hot air balloon in 1979.

Kristen Fulton is a children’s book author. She can always be found with a notebook in hand as she ventures through historical sites and museums. Most of the time she lives in Florida-but she can also be found traveling the country by RV.

Torben Kuhlmann is an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. Starting in kindergarten he became known as the draftsman. “Flying machines and rich historical detail often adorn his work. He lives in Hamburg, Germany.”

Flight For Freedom By  Kristen Fulton, Illustrated by Torben Kuhlmann $17.99 on Sale March 3, 2020. Chronicle Books LLC

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