Tasty Tie

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Erin is the creator of Tasty Tie. The idea for the Tasty Tie came to her as her son started going through the dreadful teething phase.

He was putting anything and everything into his mouth and was constantly fussy as he tried to sooth his sore gums. Wanting to help him cope, she would buy every teething toy she could find, and they’d all just fall right to the ground, which made him even more irritable. As any mom knows, your child’s frustrations become your frustrations, and she was desperate for a solution.


So she came up with the idea of a teething tie. She made one for him to try, and he was instantly obsessed. From that moment, she knew this would be something that would make babies and parents very happy and would be money well spent. Plus, every baby looks adorable all suited up!


She’s proud and happy to be able to offer other parents a solution to their teething woes that is multi-functional, safe, and that their babies can enjoy for months to come.

Tastie Tie is available in Seersucker, Fish, Dino, Turtle, Banana, Bumble Bee, Shark, Santa and more styles.


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