Breathable Baby Delivers New Innovative Mesh Sided Crib

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Founded in 2002, BreathableBaby® designs, manufactures and sells simple, smart sleep products that help moms and dads feel confident and in control. Safety is first, which sparked the invention of the Breathable® Mesh Crib Liner, an alternative to conventional crib bumpers.

With over 4.5 million Breathable® Mesh Crib Liners sold, BreathableBaby is committed to be an industry leader in safe sleep by providing parents with products and knowledge that make life easier. We’ve earned the trust of moms and dads. But we haven’t stopped there. Through our relationships with medical professionals and researchers, we’ve learned a lot about safe sleep. It’s our mission to share what we know and continue to bring moms and dads solutions for a more peaceful night’s sleep

Babies sleep 14–17 hours a day, so cribs and mattresses are two important keys to a safer night’s sleep. That’s why we created the Breathable™ Mesh Crib, the first crib of its kind – combining the strength and integrity of traditional wood cribs with the breathable mesh found in our liners.

The breathable mesh sides provide ventilation and temperature control while also preventing arms and legs from getting stuck between the slats.

Made from sustainable New Zealand pine and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant composite, leaving our planet a little bit cleaner. Standard mini crib size makes it ideal for room sharing (40.5″w x 27.5″d x 36.5″l) and includes 1″ mini crib mattress and a white sheet made of soft activewear fabric.

Classic, clean and safe. Free from all the bad stuff (non-toxic paint, no lead, phthalates, or formaldehyde). Designed to grow with baby from newborn to 24 months or 35″ in height, with a two-position adjustable mattress support.

For more information contact us at (877) 827-4442, email or visit

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