20 Best Selling Items Every Baby Store Needs to Carry

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20 Best Selling Items Every Baby Store Needs to Carry

Obviously, preparing for the arrival of a newborn is one of the most exciting things anyone will experience in their lives. However, the practicalities of everything one needs to do are a little daunting.


When you take a look at any baby aisle in a retail store, you’ll find basically countless different things you can buy for a baby. And when you go online, the word “countless” truly gains its meaning. So, if you’re managing a specialized baby store – what are the essential items that will be of most use to the average parent; thus selling the best? We’ll explore the answer to that question below!

Diapers And Associated Items

Once any baby is more than a week old, the pooping will come as regularly as their meals; meaning that diapers will become one of the most-used items in the proud parents’ daily lives. With that in mind, every parent should make sure they’ve got:


  •     Diapers – obviously, these are the very basic item in this category, and something every baby store absolutely must-have. There’s really no baby shopping without a diaper aisle. So, make sure you stock both disposable and cloth diapers.
  •     Diaper Bags – seeing as parents take these diapers wherever they take their baby; they’ll need the right-sized bag for the diapers; perhaps along with a pail that has a tight lid. 
  •     Diaper Cream – regardless of how premium-quality the diapers are, there’s a high chance a baby will develop a rash from them at some point. That’s why it’s important for baby stores to carry diaper cream as well, which will alleviate the baby’s annoyance. 
  •     Baby Wipes – after any baby poop when their diaper is changed – they still require nice cleaning. That’s why having baby wipes is absolutely essential for any baby store deserving of its name. 
  •     Dirty Diaper Bag – there’s nothing worse than changing a baby’s diaper and realizing you’ve got nowhere to throw away the dirty one; especially if you’re in the middle of a car ride! That’s precisely the reason why a dirty diaper bag is one of the essential new baby supplies, and something most baby stores sell. 

Bathing Supplies

Once the umbilical cord has fallen off the baby and that area has properly healed, every parent thinks about what they need for their baby’s bath. And one thing is certain – there are plenty of essential bathing supplies that a decent baby store has to provide!


  •     Baby bathtub – if you’re selling baby bathtubs, make sure that these were manufactured after the baby bathtub recall of 2017; many careful parents will check to see if this is the case.
  •     Baby washcloths – every baby has incredibly sensitive skin, which is why they need to be washed with something equally gentle, which won’t rub them the wrong way – quite literally. This makes soft baby washcloths an essential purchase for every new parent. 
  •     Baby shampoo – as you’ve probably realized by now, baby bath products are special because they’re less chemically intensive than the adolescent and adult ones. The same goes for baby shampoo; another item that all baby stores should have. 
  •     Mild baby soap – a specially manufactured baby soap is also required to minimize the risk of the baby suffering any harm during bathtime.
  •     Thermometer for water temperature – here’s something most parents don’t realize they need until the baby comes, but absolutely everyone does. Obviously, a newborn or a small baby can’t handle the same water heat that adults and teens can; which is why checking the water temperature with precision is something every parent wants to do. 

Feeding Essentials

One of the things all parents need to do before their baby arrives is pick whether they will be using formula or breastfeeding. Both decisions mean the purchase of certain goods at the baby store, though:


  •     Bottles (BPA-free plastic or glass) – these are basic baby-feeding items, so any baby store must provide bottles that have tight lids that prevent any spillage.
  •     Bottle sterilizer – naturally, babies are less immune to bacteria than older children or adults; so their bottles must always be completely sterile.
  •     Nipple/Bottle brush – all baby stores should carry quality brushes, in order to safeguard the baby from any dangerous germs.
  •     Burp cloths – all babies need to burp regularly, as this lets the gasses in their stomachs out. However, in many situations – the baby also spits up. And no matter how much their parents love them; they’d rather avoid spoiling their clothes all the time. 
  •     Formula – for parents who decide to feed their babies formula, they’ll need all of the household brands available at their local baby store. 
  •     Breast pump – conversely, if breastfeeding is the option they go with; they’ll need to purchase a breast pump in order to stock up on milk. 
  •     Milk storage bags – naturally, they’ll also need a place to keep the milk in. 

Nursery Items

Everyone loves decorating their new baby’s room – it’s one of the most fun activities to do in anticipation of the newborn! However, that also entails purchasing quite a few items that a good baby store should carry:


  •     Crib – this is the big one, as you might expect. The crib is, after all, the centerpiece of any baby nursery. Also, while a baby store should carry toys and pillows for the crib; it’s generally recommended for there to be as few of those as possible, so the baby is in no danger in regards to breathing. 
  •     Mattress – the baby will need a firm quality mattress to sleep on.
  •     Cozy crib sheets


As you may have realized, there are plenty of items that are available to baby parents, both in retail stores and online. However, while a baby store should have novelty items that might seem interesting or quirky; there are always basics that need to be covered first!

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