Paint the “toes” on your Bobbi-Toads Paintables

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Paint the “toes” on your Bobbi-Toads® Paintables or decorate with stickers and shine bright in your Bobbi-Toads® Light-Ups! These shoes are cute, comfy, and customizable – get creative and express yourself whenever YOU want! Attach your BOBBi-DOBBiEZ® plush buddies to your shoes, bags, watches, hair ties, keychains, belt loops, and wherever else you want your Dobbie to hang!

Bobbi-Toads Paintable Sneakers can be painted with any nail polish, over & over again, just like your real nails! When you’re ready to switch up your style, simply use nail polish remover to take the old polish off, and you can repaint your Bobbi-Toads sneakers to match any outfit or mood! The shoes work with any nail polish and remover, but Bobbi-Polish is recommended. Bobbi-Polish is non-toxic, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and all-natural, making it great for both your Bobbi-Toads Paintables shoes and your real nails as well.

Get creative and express yourself – You can decorate your Bobbi-Toads Light-Ups (over & over again) with Bobbi-Stickers and other nail stickers, or leave them plain and let the lights speak for themselves and give you the spark to let you shine your brightest!

BOBBi-DOBBiEZ are little 2-3” plushies that can attach and go anywhere! They have an elastic loop sewn on the back, and come with a Velcro strap, which allows them to attach onto almost anything – shoes, backpacks, necklaces, scrunchies, sunglasses, belt loops, keychains, car mirrors, etc.

All of the shoes are made with vegan leather, and all of the boxes and packaging are fully recyclable and encouraged for reuse!

AMAZING COMPANY BACKGROUND → Bobbi-Toads was founded quite-literally from a dream. One Chicago man, Bob Stanley, had a dream in which he was told to invent these paintable sneakers for kids, what to call them, and to give back to a specific charity with the profits. Having been a printer his entire life, this dream was obscure to say the least. However, right after having the dream upon returning to work at the print shop, he saw they were working on a job for a new customer: the charity from in his dream, one that he’d never heard of before then. At that moment, it was clear he was to follow this dream and bring it to fruition.

In 2012, he and his daughter, Jacki, started this company and turned his dream into reality. Bobbi-Toads is dedicated to being a company with a conscience by offering eco-friendly and cruelty-free products that are safe for kids, and by giving back to charities that enrich the community. The company donates shoes, money, and time back to the community and across the country by going to children’s hospitals’ oncology units to decorate shoes and do activities with the kids, hosting events with inner-city underprivileged children, and donating to those who have been affected by natural disasters. Earlier this year, in 2019, Bob was chosen as Community Partner of the Year at Our Lady of the Angels in Chicago, which was an honor to be recognized for all that he does and gives back.



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