5 Important Health Benefits of Kids Playing Outside

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There are many incredible health benefits of kids playing outside, and we have a few of them listed here. Check out why it’s so important to get kids outdoors.

For children, playing outside often becomes a fond memory once they grow up. From playing with neighbors to adventure hikes with the family, there are so many ways to get your kids outside and enjoy the fresh air! Not only does outdoor play provide incredible memories, but there are also numerous health benefits to spending time outside as well. Below we’ve listed some of the top health benefits of kids playing outside—check them out!

Promotes Positive Social Development

When a child plays outside in an unstructured environment, their behavioral skills grow tenfold. It helps them learn to take turns, be more inventive, and discover the world around them with their own abilities. A little independence can play an incredible role in encouraging healthy development in children throughout their years.

Increases Attention Span

Playing outside can also do wonders for your child’s attention span. Today, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are common among kids. One of the best ways to reduce symptoms associated with ADHD is with some quality outdoor play. Kids, in general, want to investigate the things around them, and outdoor play is a wonderful way to let them do just that.

Reduces Stress

Children and young teens can feel stress just as much as the rest of us, and an active lifestyle can really help reduce those symptoms. The more exposure kids have to the sun (Vitamin D), green spaces, and an overall friendly environment, the more they’ll feel the positive effects of it. It gives them an escape from school, a rough day, and so much more. Just like it’s important for adults to get out in the fresh air, it’s even more important for children.

Improves Vision

One of the big health benefits that come with playing outside is that it helps improve a child’s sensory skills. For example, an American Academy of Ophthalmology study found that kids who play outside consistently are at a much-reduced risk of developing nearsightedness than kids who don’t. This is especially important, as the video game obsession many kids pick up can seriously inhibit healthy eyesight.

Contributes to a Better Immunity

There’s a part of the brain called the pineal gland, and when outdoor light stimulates that gland, various improvements come about. Once outdoor light penetrates the pineal gland, it will encourage a stronger immune system and in turn, make the person feel happier. The more a child is outside spending time among the elements, the stronger their immune system becomes.

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