6 Creative DIY Arts and Crafts to Enjoy with Your Kids

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Every child loves to get a bit messy and have something to show for their efforts. Both you and your kid are sure to have a blast with any of these projects.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a child that doesn’t love crafts. They find an irresistible appeal to getting their hands dirty and creating something they can call their own. For particularly insatiable crafters, you may find yourself scrambling to keep up with your child’s demands for brand-new activities. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We’ve made a list of six DIY arts and crafts for kids.

1. Milk Carton Birdhouses

Inspire your child’s creativity and encourage them to make their own birdhouse. Cut a hole into the front of a milk carton and use mod podge to adhere decorative scrapbook paper to the exterior. Then, let them decorate it with stickers and place some twigs on the inside. They’ll love hanging their creation outside and watching to see if they receive any visitors.

2. Homemade Snow Globes

This is a great craft to do around the holidays. On the inside of a mason jar lid, let them create a scene with a snowman, a penguin, or a miniature tree. Fill the jar with fake snow or glitter and water, then screw on the lid. Reinforce the seal with glue, if needed. Now just give the jar a shake and watch the wintery scene unfold.

3. Paint Seashells with Homemade Paint

How fun would it be to teach your kids to make their own art supplies? Make sure to follow the proper safety protocols and collect the ingredients needed to make your own watercolors. Then, take your child to buy or collect seashells and other objects they can paint with their homemade colors.

4. Decorate a Vase

If you have a collection of crafty odds and ends, give them to your child to decorate a vase with. You can use ribbons, buttons, stickers, and more. Let your child have free reign over these supplies and see where their imagination takes them.

5. Paper Mosaics

Set up squares of cardboard and tear some construction paper into little pieces. Give your child some glue and have them paste the colorful pieces of paper on the cardboard to make a fun picture. Play with a variety of colors and challenge your child to use them all in their piece.

6. Squirt Gun Painting

Fill four or five squirt guns with paint in different colors. Then, set up a canvas outside and let your child go wild spraying paint onto the surface. The mixture of paints running down the surface will create a fun abstract painting worthy of its own place on your wall.

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