Ilado–Mother &  Baby Bonding

lladro mommy baby bonding

Maternity necklace is designed to bring joy and serenity

The maternity necklace is an ancestral piece of jewelry whose benefits were discovered by Ilado’s partners during their own pregnancies. “We created ILADO so we could share this experience with as many mothers as possible,” says Sandra Zeller.

Traditionally worn in Mayan and other cultures, the harmony bell is not something new, although perhaps not well known. The maternity necklaces created by Ilado emit a soothing and harmonious crystalline sound when rolled gently. It has been nicknamed “Angel Caller” because according to legend, it has the power to summon a guardian angel.

The soft vibrations can lead mothers-to-be to adopt a calmer pace as they are led to a state of well-being. As babies become more aware of familiar sounds in the natural environment, they respond to the mother’s beating heart, the mother’s breathing, and external sound stimuli such as voices, music, and song. The tinkling of the maternity necklace can be heard as a soft whispering.

Offered to future mothers, the necklace’s familiar melody is said to soothe newborns. The necklace can be hung over the cradle or sewn into a comforter to calm a baby.

Ilado, a French company with a Chicago location for the U.S. market,  offers silver-plated necklaces, gold and rose gold plated necklaces, pendants, a mother-to-be bonding box, and an Angel Caller Lovey designed to incorporate a tinkling necklace. The gorgeous designs can be personalized with birthstones, tassels, and adjustable chains.

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