NOONI’S soft fleece nursing bra leak-resistant, wicks moisture

leep resistant nursing bras
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NOONI’S leak-resistant bra provides comfort during pregnancy, postpartum, post-operative recovery, night sweats, and more. The relaxed-fit straps and elastic bottom band provide effortless breastfeeding access, and gentle support for resting and leisure activity. While NOONI’S sleep bra is designed for maximum nighttime comfort, it is so cozy it’s comfortable to wear all day.

NOONI’S all in one patent-pending construction features three layers of leak-resistant protection that wicks away and absorbs moisture while resisting leaks, without the need for additional absorbency pads.

The comfortable straps and band allow a nursing mother to easily lift up the bra for a natural skin-to-skin nursing experience or pull down for effortless nursing access. The absence of hook-and-eye closure adds to nighttime comfort.

The lightweight bras are designed to feel as if they are barely there. The baby-soft fleece interior is cozy and holds body heat so mom won’t feel cold when the bra gets wet. The fabric is also less likely to stick to healing skin or chapped nipples than a standard cotton breast pad. The bra stays in place overnight. Some discoloration or staining may occur on the absorbent, front layer due to the natural color of breast milk.

NOONI’S is available in three colors—black, nude, and white, and in four sizes, S-XL. The bras carry a $49.99 MSRP.

For more information call 616/ 272-4099 or visit

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