NurseMeMama BusyTabs solve distracted baby situations

keeping baby happy during nursing
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NurseMeMama’a BusyTabs are designed to help keep distracted babies busy and latched when breastfeeding. The easy-to-use clips go on any bra or shirt, and are made of soft satin ribbon.

The special clips are clothing-safe and feature a strong and easy-open clip. Moms can mix-and-match the patterns and the clips can be used as a side reminder. Six BusyTabs carry a $19.99 MSRP.

Jennifer Fletcher, founder, launched her company with BusyTabs and has also introduced Visy Bra, available in black and white. The sleepstyle bras don’t include underwire and are made of soft cotton and a stretch frame to gently cup the breast. Visual graphics on the frame are designed to help an infant focus and latch.

Four bra sizes are designed to cover sizes from 32-34A to 40DD and 36-38DDD. The Visy Bra is available in two packs (one white, one black) and the packs range from $39.99 MSRP to $43.99 MSRP.

For information call 763-486-1754 or visit

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