Swaddelini features seamless and Hug Technology®, two fabrics

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New mother Liz Hilton resolved to invent a superior swaddle that would be escape-proof, soft, stretchy, breathable, safe, and comfortable. Hilton used her company, KNITit, to develop and manufacture her swaddle design – the Swaddelini. Hilton is a 3D knitting expert and used her CNC knitting machines to create the Swaddelini in one single seamless process.

It is engineered with arm tubes to protect against moro reflex, face scratching, and has Hug Technology® built into the chest area to give the sensation of a hug all night long. There is an easy access diaper opening at the bottom so the feet stay warm but it still provides easy diaper changing access so there is no need to take the swaddle off during the night.

There are two different tiers of the Swaddelini. The Swaddelini Original is made with a moisture wicking synthetic blend while the Swaddelini Bamboo-37.5 is made from bamboo and a proprietary fiber which helps regulate body temperature in the microclimate.

The Swaddelini Original is available in orange, pink, and blue, while the Swaddelini Bamboo is available in gray, dark pink, and green.

The Hug Technology® feature was inspired by Hilton’s work creating compression garments for children with lymphedema and cerebral palsy. But of all the features that set the Swaddelini apart, Hilton’s favorite is the escape-proof quality.

Third party laboratories tested the Swaddelini for safety and $1 per swaddle goes to the American SIDS Foundation.

For more information call 609/ 240-7953 or visit www.Swaddelini.com.

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