Make Life Easier with Primo Passi Portable Electric Breast Pump

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Small, lightweight, fully portable

The Primo Passi Portable Dual Charge Electric Breast Pump features an innovative, out of the box design with a closed system that prevents milk back up into tubing or device, ensuring proper hygiene, free of moisture and bacteria. With controls that are easy to use, you can choose stimulation or suction level to make sure this is a more comfortable experience.


The built-in hook allows you to conveniently wear it around your neck. You just need a sturdy necklace.


Natural rhythm

Breast pump offers a 2-stage milk suction mode so it can produce a natural rhythm that closely imitates the baby sucking.


Suction Levels

The stimulation levels combined with 9 suction levels allows you to choose what’s most comfortable for you.



Stimulation Mode

Our 5 different stimulation levels help the breast pumping process by creating a stress free experience.



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