Snuggle Me With Fun

From the baby’s mouth

My mom left corporate America to nurture me in an old-time, halcyon environment of baby swings and strolls through the park. Boy did things change in a hurry. First off, she was frustrated by the product selection when she went to outfit me and my room. Everything was so predictable…pink and frilly for girls, and cars and trains for boys. BOR-ING! Just because I’m a baby, doesn’t mean I don’t have taste.

Then she bounced the idea of starting a new company off my dad. My dad, a real kid at heart, gave her an enthusiastic two thumbs up. He immediately offered to be in charge of fun and games. His business philosophy has always been one part work, two parts fun. It’s no wonder he was the Villanova Wildcats’ mascot in college.

Anyway, I was secretly hoping for a more sophisticated look for my digs, so I pooped my pants when my mom decided to pursue her SOZO dream. Why SOZO? It’s a Japanese word that means creation and imagination. My mom is into yoga, and chose the name during one of her meditation sessions. She was standing on her head with her arms wrapped around her legs. She called it a breakthrough seminal moment. I call it pretzel logic.

The next piece of the puzzle fell in place when Mom and Dad started developing the products and boy was it fun. Trying to keep things fun and whimsical, they developed an awesome collection of clothes, blankets, sleepwear, gifts and the coolest product of all, the Weeblock. I guess I squirted Mom and Dad too many times!

Now great looks are one thing, but my mom learned a whole new lesson once I arrived on the scene-form must follow function. That’s why SOZO products are constructed of quality materials that are also easy to care for. You might say they are both kid and parent-friendly.

So welcome to SOZO–a whole new world of kid stuff with style and please feel free to email Mom and Dad with your comments at I know they would love to hear from you!

This Owl Snuggle Blanket is a High quality, super soft sherpa plush blanket with applique and embroidered details with adorable characters. 30” x 40”. A must have for every baby!

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