Laally’s ‘Bridge’ helps with latching, milk production 

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Laally’s focus is making simple products help encourage latching and to allow mothers to increase their own milk production. The Bridge™ is the first easy-to-use, at-breast supplementation device that helps babies latch to the breast and moms increase milk supply.

The single piece, ultra-thin, medical grade silicone “Bridge” is easy to clean and store, and the included extension tube and syringe allow moms to precisely control the flow of any supplement being given. The innovative hole pattern in the Bridge mimics natural breast anatomy. The nipple is designed to be switched between breasts.

The Bridge was developed by Kate Spivak PA-C, IBCLC, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. “Our goal is to increase breastfeeding rates to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommended exclusive breastfeeding rate of 6 months,” she says.

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