Sparks for Kids creates fun mirror decals to inspire imaginations

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Sparks For KidsTM creates fun and imaginative static cling mirror decals for kids.

The decal designs, such as a bear face, astronaut helmet, princess crown, and lion face are designed to place on a mirror where children can see their own faces reflected through the design. Coming soon are cowboy, dinosaur, fireman, football helmet, and pirate decals. They are designed to place on any mirror to give a child a fun way to use his or her imagination. The decals are easily removable and reusable.

Sparks For KidsTM can be enjoyed at home, school, daycare centers, grandma’s house, or anywhere with a reflective surface. They are perfect to entertain kids and encourage them to wash their hands or brush their teeth a little longer than they normally would.

For more information call 303/ 718-4101 or visit

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