Crawligator® in two colors offers innovative tummy time approach

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The Crawligator® is an innovative and unique way to make tummy time fun while promoting natural crawling movement on the part of a baby. Designed to move just above a hard floor surface on ball caster wheels, Crawligator is available in green or pink.

Crawling is a typical part of early childhood development that starts between ages 6 amd 11 months. During this crucial time, infants use crawling to interact independently with their environment. This stage is important for developing strength, coordination, motor skills, and cognitive development.

Originally created in 1969 by a major toy company, it was soon eliminated when the company was acquired by another. ​However, safety regulations were different in 1969, so when Stacey Kanzler decided to bring back the Crawligator, she did so with more safety features to meet today’s Consumer Products Safety Commission safety standards. Today’s Crawligator includes a single directional gripping rear wheel to prevent uncontrolled movement and four gripping safety pads ​

The Crawligator promotes child development and provides twice the tummy time for muscle strengthening and spin and neck strengthening. It develops mobility through kicking, reaching, and pushing. It also stores easily.

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