Dare-U-Go! bib holds food portions and provides anti-mess solution

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Dare-U-Go! is a mom-created brand, founded by Lisa D’Amato-Friedman who has gone from America’s Next Top Model show where she might be remembered as the wild child—and today she has two!

Dare-U-Go! is designed to reduce clutter, eliminate some laundering, require fewer dishes, and give caregivers a less stressful life, all while helping the environment by creating less waste.

Dare-U-Go holds and divides homemade healthy meals, ensures portions of the different food groups, and helps prevent foods from mixing with one another.

Made from medical grade silicone, the bib serves as a divider bowl and eliminates all those spaces between child and table, child and carseat, child and high chair, thus eradicating mess spills and keeping the child’s clothes and environment clean.

The soft neckband rests comfortably against a toddler’s neck without irritating, and the adjustable fastener means that the bib can grow with the child. The four-in-one bib can be wiped clean or can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher. It’s also microwave safe.

For more information visit www.dareugo.com.

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