baby blue giraffe nail files designed just for baby

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Baby Blue Giraffe nail files are the first nail file designed with baby’s delicate nails in mind. Just a few quick strokes a couple times a week is all that is needed to prevent a baby from scratching himself.

Safe and easy to use, the nail file means parents no longer have to use sharp clippers or cover a baby’s hands to prevent scratching.

Made from genuine Czech glass, Baby Blue Giraffe’s files eliminate worries about Chinese glass which may contain heavy metals or toxins. Unlike rough emery board nail files, Baby Blue Giraffe ensures filing is accomplished more quickly and more gently without any nail splitting.

The nail files are soft and gentle on a baby’s skin, are extremely long lasting, and do not need frequent replacement. In addition Baby Blue Giraffe nail files are non-porous so they won’t absorb germs or rust, and they are easily cleaned.

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