Happiest Baby’s award-winning Sleepea is the Easiest Swaddle Ever

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Happiest Baby’s award-winning Sleepea makes swaddling easier and safer than ever. That’s why this 5-second swaddle is so beloved…it sold out in 3 weeks. Now fully stocked again, it’s available for retail partners.

Swaddling gives babies the snug embrace they loved in the womb. And, by preventing startles and wild-handed nose-whacks, swaddling quickly boosts a baby’s sleep.

Sleepea was designed by Dr. Harvey Karp, America’s top pediatrician. Dr. Karp started the swaddling revolution with his parenting classic, The Happiest Baby on the Block, which teaches his popular 5 S’s soothing method…and swaddling is the first step.

New York Magazine declared Sleepea “The Winner!” in its 2018 swaddle comparison test. It’s easy to see why:

It’s Safer:

  • Open-weave mesh reduces overheating.
  • Can’t unravel, so no loose blankets around the face.
  • Hips safe…with extra room for growing hips.
  • Snug swaddling reduces baby’s ability to roll to a risky position.

It’s Easier:

  • Smart, inner band keeps babies from breaking out!
  • Not too loose, not too tight…the perfect wrap every time!
  • Zips open from the top or bottom, for easier diaper changes.
  • Special “quiet” Velcro, won’t disturb baby when you open it.
  • Has snaps to make it easy to free an arm when the baby is ready to wean from swaddling.

Made with 100% organic cotton, Sleepea is good for babies…and the planet! And, parents love that they can get an organic swaddle…for the low price of conventional cotton.

Available in 4 stylish colors (Graphite, Rose, Sky and Teal), all printed with a little star pattern.

For wholesale information, email sales@happiestbaby.com or call (310) 476 4440.

Visit http://www.happiestbaby.com to learn more!

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