Premier Prints offers numerous fabrics

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Premier Prints brings child-related prints to fabrics

Premier Prints was founded by a Tupelo, Mississippi, family with deep roots in the furniture supply industry. John Hodges, Billy Hodges, Zeke Hodges, and Bob Stedman started the company in February of 1991 and began by producing a printed decking fabric to market to upholstered furniture manufacturers. The product allowed each furniture company to personalize their products with custom logos and quickly became a staple for the industry.

Through hard work, research, and necessity, the business branched into printing home decorative fabrics. After 12 years of steady growth, the company purchased a new printer and installed it in Sherman, Mississippi. The new machine is a 12-color Stork capable of efficiently producing the best quality prints available in the market. Since that move in 2003, Premier Prints’ fabric line has continued to grow tremendously thanks to a dedicated team, the grace of God, and luck. The company continues to expand its facility to meet the needs of its customers, and, as Meg Curtis, spokesperson says, “we are very thankful that Premier Prints has turned into one of the most successful fabric brands in the country.”

Dedicated to remaining environmentally friendly, the company uses a water-based pigment printing system. Premier Prints has experience printing on a variety of substrates including cotton,cotton/linens, poly/cotton blends, cotton/rayon, and polyester. These fabrics range in widths from 45 inches to 65 inches wide and are made in the United States. The company can also apply water resistant, flame retardant, and ultraviolet enhancing finishes.

Premier Prints sells a large line of affordable designer fabrics that range from traditional to modern. The fabrics can be used in a variety of applications including furniture/ upholstery, drapery, quilting, bedding, baby products, pillows, clothing, and handbags. “Our team shops markets worldwide for new designs enabling us to keep our line fresh and a little ahead of the curve. We have something for everyone!” says Curtis.

For more information call 662/ 840-4060 or visit

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