Biiby breastfeeding bib helps solve messy problems for moms

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Biiby, the first breastfeeding bib for nursing mothers, was invented by a mother who has issues with milk leaking onto her own apparel. A winner of Parent Tested Parent Approved, the Biiby is reported to catch all of a mother’s breastmilk that doesn’t make it to baby’s mouth.

The functional, American-made bib utilizes bamboo fleece and organic cotton terry fabrics. Designed to last through multiple uses before being washed, Biiby is made of three layers and can also be used as a burp cloth or burp pad. The moisture-wicking, absorbent, and eco-friendly Biiby is also designed to help busy moms who pump on the go.

Several organic cotton muslin patterns are available, as well as a gift set of two Biibys.

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