Eight the Plate promotes healthy eating habits for picky eaters

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Designed to reduce mealtime drama and encourage picky eaters to try new foods, 8 the Plate was invented by a mom and dad—behavioral analyst and aerospace engineer. After implementing behavioral strategies to get their daughter to eat, they designed a product that could facilitate all of the strategies.

8 the Plate is a divided plate that spins inside a clear cover and designed for ages 2-6—the “picky eater” years. The plate only spins one direction so parents pick the order of the food presented, yet the child is able to spin the plate themselves. Made from Tritan from Eastman, the plates are BPA, PVC, lead free, and phthalate free, but still dishwasher safe. The spin design means children can play with the spinning device and not their food.

Features include indentions for food, an easy-click lid, and gripping bottom edge to make it more difficult for a child to slide it off the table. A number of instructional videos are available online.

For more information call 580/ 436-1142 or visit www.8theplate.com.

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