The “aMACEing” Child-Proof Baby Bottle

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The aMACEing ZERO LEAK® Child Proof Baby Bottle by MACE is possibly the safest bottle you can buy. As a parent, you want to provide the safest environment for your baby. Many parents go through extensive childproofing efforts to make sure their little one is safe around the home, but there is an item that has been overlooked—the baby bottle. Although many baby bottle companies have come a long way by introducing bottles that are made from food-grade plastics, feature anti-colic vents to reduce digestion problems, and even bottles made from glass, they all still have one problem—they leak from the nipple. In addition to wasting valuable breast-milk and formula, leaking bottles may cause tooth decay, ear infections, overeating, and even accidental drowning. A recent BBC News article noted that a coroner found a baby to have died from inhaling milk from a leaking bottle that was propped. In this case, the aMACEing ZERO LEAK® baby bottle could have possibly saved this baby’s life.

The aMACEing ZERO LEAK® baby bottle has a patented nipple design that makes it leak-proof. Even when propped, milk only comes out of the nipple when the baby is nursing. If the baby stops nursing, the flow stops. The nipple also features a variable flow, which means the baby’s suctioning force determines the flow rate—keeping the baby in control. The aMACEing ZERO LEAK® baby bottle has all of the features parents look for: anti-colic vent, 100% silicone nipple, BPA free, phthalates free, lead-free, leak-proof, and minimal parts for quick and hassle-free cleaning.

The adjective definition of childproofing is “to make safe for children”—that has been done with the aMACEing ZERO LEAK® baby bottle. Being BPA free, phthalates free, lead-free, anti-colic, and leak-proof, this baby bottle has reached the next level in safety for your baby.

The aMACEing ZERO LEAK® baby bottle can be purchased on Amazon. For more information on MACE Baby Products, you can visit $5 towards your first purchase at

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