Tottigo Travel Pack ‘n Potty Seat ready to use for on the go!

Pack ‘n Potty Travel Potty Seat is ready to use and has everything needed for potty time on-the-go! This product is uniquely designed for extremely fast setup and is easy to use. The attached child-sized, cushioned seat is super soft, comfortable, and the stability helps build a child’s confidence. A built-in wet/dry pocket holds a change of clothes (wet or dry), wipes, or even a small book.

Designed to make a child’s potty experience stress-free, Pack ‘n Potty allows the parent to focus on the child instead of the surroundings. The caregiver never touches anything that has touched toilet surfaces when the handling instructions are followed. The antimicrobial and waterproof tote bag is removable and machine washable; it can also be monogrammed.

Once the potty trip is complete, this all-inclusive travel potty seat quickly converts back to tote mode and is ready to travel everywhere.

The stable soft potty seat removes for cleaning while the antimicrobial and waterproof attached sanitary toilet cover (attached) converts to a stylish, lightweight tote bag.

The wet/dry storage pocket can be loaded on the outside and accessed from the inside when the potty seat is in use.

Kelly Smith, founder of Tottigo, suggests parents use the Pack ‘n Potty at home before taking it on the road—“It’s an excellent way to build a child’s confidence,” she says. For children who are wary of public restrooms, Pack ‘n Potty becomes their own familiar potty.

“When transitioning from a diaper bag, store a change of clothes in the wet/dry pocket, and if a child has an accident their wet clothes can be kept in the wet/dry pocket. All the caregiver has to do is bring home everything and wash it,” Smith says.

The Pack ‘n Potty sets up and removes in seconds, carries in it’s own tote bag, stores in a stroller or cart, and fits in a backpack. The multi-award winning product is lightweight, stylish, and fits standard and commercial toilets.

For more information call 888/ 816-9204 or visit

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