Limited edition collector’s dolls by Feltman Brothers

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Recently Feltman Brothers introduced two limited edition dolls as part of the company’s 100th anniversary celebration. Sure to appeal to customers and collectors, the dolls reflect the standards of craftsmanship that the company insists upon. The dolls are designed to ensure that little girls can cherish their new friends for years and generations to come.

The company’s tradition of excellence and quality workmanship have been remained in exquisite detail for this limited edition doll collection.

Two dolls are available, each carefully designed down to the tiniest eyelash and fingernail, and both are dressed in exquisite Felman Brothers clothing. The 16-inch dolls are named Caroline Grace and Emma. Caroline Grace comes with a dress, bloomers, bonnet, and booties. Emma comes with a classy bishop dress, bloomers, bonnet, and booties. Both dolls come with their own birth certificate, and additional apparel is available for them.

The quality of Feltman Brothers hand embroidered clothing for little girls and boys is well known worldwide. The family company is steeped in tradition and has withstood the test of time.

For more information about the dolls or Feltman Brothers’ line of apparel, call 855/ 323-8983 or visit

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