Snuggle Me™ center-sling sensory lounger comfort babies

A unique , patented feature of the Snuggle Me™ sensory lounger means that when a baby is placed on the center-sling™ the sides of the Snuggle Me™ gently pull in, giving the newborn the feeling of a hug and recreating the womb experience. The design creates a secure fit around a baby’s torso so the baby is unable to roll or turn within the lounger.

The patented center-sling™ provides the physical support an infant craves. In addition, because the Snuggle Me securely contours to baby’s shape and provides physical support all around the baby, it helps prevent the startle reflex.

Designed, patented, and made in the USA, the first Snuggle Me was created 11 years ago with a used sewing machine and fabrics from the local sewing store. Today local Minnesota sewers craft each and every Snuggle Me with care.

Fabrics are manufactured in the USA under the regulations of the CPSIA. A variety of covers in prints and solid colors are available. Snuggle Me™ is available in three levels at three price points.

The company’s organic fills are both certified organic and are in their raw, unprocessed forms. Even the polyester fill is made in the US and contain no added chemicals and does not contain ethylene glycol, phthalates, BPAs, or flame retardants.

Snuggle Me is designed to provide post partum support for mothers by providing infants with a sense of being held even when no hands are immediately available. While Snuggle Me provides a portable place offering an infant the needed feeling of confinement. This in turn eases the stresses and fears of mothers experiencing postpartum in what has been called the fourth trimester. Snuggle Me can accommodate babies from newborn to 6+ months of age.

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