Nursing pillow fits in diaper bag yet big enough for nursing

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Created by a family nurse practitioner and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, littlebeam™ nursing pillows are designed to help nursing mothers find the comfort they want. Littlebeam is small enough to fit into a diaper bag, but big enough to use in all nursing positions comfortably, according to founder Dr. Kathy McCue.

The littlebeam™ nursing pillow is portable and can be used with lactation-expert-recommended positions like cross-cradle and football. Designed to be ergonomically correct for both mother and baby, it will help mothers find breastfeeding success in a short while.

The unique body-hugging design doesn’t need straps or Velcro® to stay in place, and has a machine-washable slip cover. Deluxe fabrics are made with 100% cotton (colors and styles may vary) for mother and baby’s comfort.

Benefits for the infant include comfortable fabric, secure body positioning, and may reduce acid reflux. Littlebeam™ helps prevent sore nipples and decreased milk supply, and is comfortable for mothers in sitting and prone positions.

The littlebeam™ nursing pillow can be used for nursing, bottle feeding, propping, and tummy time. It can also be used for lower back support for mothers in a seated position, as a headrest, or between the knees for neck and back support when lying down.

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