Dry Baby solves drool problem

As a mother of two “happy spitters”, Jennifer Chapman developed Dry Baby products to provide caregivers with functional apparel that gives them a leg up in the battle against spills, spit up, and drool.

Dry Baby offers water, stain, and odor repellent clothing for infants and toddlers. Dry Baby’s signature fabric is truly one of a kind. Developed by a former NASA scientist, the company’s cotton is treated with a water-based solution that is fluorocarbon-free and safe for use with infants. The soft fabric is 90 percent ring spun cotton and 10 percent poly blend. The high neckline is designed to ensure that liquids land on the garment, not on the child’s skin.

When liquid stands on a garment, it should be whisked away with a quick motion or gently absorbed with a towel. Dry Baby cotton dries 40 percent faster than any other cotton the market, Chapman says, but wiping the surface will accelerate the drying process.

Dry Baby fabric is not oil-resistant so spaghetti and mustard stains need to be pre-treated before washing. When dried by machine, the garments’ repellency is recharged.

Available in grey and white, bodysuits come in long- and short-sleeve versions, and in sizes 3-24 months. Rompers, also available in short and long sleeve versions, come in sizes 3 months-12 months. Dry Baby pants in sizes 3 months-24 months are designed to pair with the bodysuits. Bandana bibs and blankets are also available, and items can be combined in gift sets. Made in the United States, Dry Baby items are CPSC compliant.

For more information call 800/ 213-3406 or visit www.mydrybaby.com.

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