Doddlebags offers refillable pouches

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We want to help people know there is an alternative and DoddleBags are an alternative to reduce plastic consumption, providing a refillable alternative to disposable drink and food pouches.  DoddleBags contain no phthalates or other bad ingredients. They are microwave safe, dishwashable, freezable—and best of all—when refillable DoddleBags let users help save the planet.

DoddleBags are clear plastic pouches that are chemical free, easy to hold, and are eco friendly.  Whether at home, out for the day or on vacation for a week,  lightweight DoddleBags are easily filled with any liquid or puree without the hassle and with the knowledge that the leak proof seal won’t let you down.

The bags are 100ml thick and are see-through so they’re allowed in carry on luggage as well.  Doddlebags can be used for  baby food, yoghurt, porridge, sauce, shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, eczema cream, sun cream, dishwashing liquid, and other substances. They can be reused over and over again.   Use a classic DoddleBag or add a Doddle attachment to make everything even easier!.

Attachments include nozzles for decorating baked goods, paint brushes (helps limit the amount of paint wasted), flip top lids for travel, spoons used for weaning, and lots of other uses.

Doddle Bags are sold in 26 countries. For more information visit

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