Baby Banana introduces Tooth Gel for 3 months +

New from the company that brought you Baby Banana Toothbrush is a safe-to-swallow tooth gel. It features a strawberry banana flavor or the original plum flavor. The organic product is made in the USA and is xylitol based. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that helps to fight cavities! It’s the same ingredient found in sugar free gum. Just a rice-sized amount on a Baby Banana Brush allows and encourages a child to suck on the massaging bristles and receive the full benefit of the two products.

Children as young as three months are encouraged to use this product. They will think the tooth gel tastes great, and caregivers will know it is also helping flush bacteria from their mouths. The Baby Banana line of brushes for ages 3-12 months includes the original yellow banana tooth brush as well as a pink and blue version, and a corncob toothbrush. The company also offers two toddler toothbrushes for children 2-4 years old. Teethers are also available.

For more information call 855/ 533-2392 or visit

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