Who Needs Rhythm?

You Do!

The Little Rockers Band is super psyched to share their newest album for families, “Who Needs Rhythm?” The fourth commercially released album by this New Jersy based band has that high energy spirit that their fans have come to love.

Inspired by a child’s life experiences, these Teaching Artists pick special moments from the children they interact with daily at their music classes and concerts to create songs tailored just for them. For this collection, the bank wanted to introduce kids to different rhythmic styles found in a variety of genres besides the Rock & Roll they usually¬†gravitate towards. Like the different personalities in the band, each of the songs on Who Needs Rhythm? has a unique and fun musical perspective that will capture the imagination of any music lover big or small.

The title track is an original schoolyard type chant accentuating different parts of the band. The funky, Sly and the Family STAX influenced song, “Watch Where You Walk” is a precautionary tale to get kids (and grown-ups) to watch where they go, but do it with style! ” Fiesta” is an old song that many may remember but Little Rockers give it a Latin feel and a brand new chorus that’s infectious. Taking some modern dance/pop inspiration with the song “Popcorn” – getting everyone ready to go clubbing in their diapers. Little Rockers also stays close to its classic Americana rock sound with “River Song” and “You Got a Cold” and updating the sound slightly with a drum machine¬†and acoustic guitar mash-up on “It’s Windy”. Finally, “Bye-Bye Butterfly” swings with a crunchy, bluesy feel as it closes the album with new ways to say See Ya!

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