Retired Elementary Teacher Entertains Children through Ollie’s Unlucky Day

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Margee Minter tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a cat and a dog.

Wynnewood, Oklahoma, April 24, 2018 – What do you do when you are not invited to your friend’s birthday party? Find out in Margee Minter’s “Ollie’s Unlucky Day” how a surprise birthday party turns out to be not only a surprise to the celebrant but also to everyone in attendance.

In the story, Lucky the Cat and Ollie the Dog have been friends for a long time. They have enjoyed playing together and having each other’s company. On Ollie’s fifth birthday, Ollie’s mother plans a surprise birthday party. She invites all of Ollie’s doggie friends, leaving out Lucky. But will that keep Lucky from joining in on the fun?

“I no longer teach in schools, but I still like to share stories to children. Through this book, I hope to reach all the children in the world,” says the author.

Filled with colorful illustrations, kids from preschool to fourth grade will surely have fun reading “Ollie’s Unlucky Day!”

Ollie’s Unlucky Day
Written by Margee Minter
Paperback | $9.99

Book copies are available at

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