5 ways to care for and comfort your sick child

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A big part of a parent’s job is making sure your children feel better. Blogger Emily Schuman offers some of the best remedies to help care for your little one when they’re sick.

1. Sleep is great medicine

Sleep is a crucial step in combating coughs and colds. Prioritize naps and early bedtimes. You might even think of giving them more cuddles!

2. Reduce their coughing

For over 100 years, moms have used Vicks VapoRub as a safe, effective cough remedy for children ages 2 and up. When applied on the chest or throat, the medicated vapors help quiet the cough and help everyone sleep through the night.

3. Bring out the humidifier

Dry winter air is particularly uncomfortable when you have a cold or cough. Placing a humidifier near your child’s bed can help your child breathe more comfortably and sleep better.

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