Baby Comfy provides safe baby-care solutions

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BabyComfy is a family company creating products inspired by real life needs and used by the children in the owners’ own household. BabyComfy Nose nasal aspirator was the company’s first product and has a lot of design advantages over similar products on the market. The aspirator is specifically designed to use tissue as a filter, a better and safer filter material than the plastic foam rubber of other brands—tissue is free and biodegradable!

BabyComfy Nose is recommended by baby guru Dr. Sears and featured in What to Expect The First Year.

Other products include BabyComfy Nail Safety Clipper, a patented single-blade nail clipper, BabyComfy Sun Sleeves and Sun Poncho, BabyComfy Cover nursing shawl, and BabyComfy Hydrator.
Whether it is baby essentials, nursing wear, or sun protection Baby Comfy continues to create inspired products for parents worldwide.
For more information call 303/ 241-8115 or visit

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