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Hugaboo provides safe seating,
convenience for parents

Hugaboo lets a caregiver plop an infant right next to them on the floor, whether they’re working on dinner or putting together a to-do list for last minute errands. Offering unique back and leg support for an infant without the child tipping forward or sliding out.

Infants can enjoy the freedom to comfortably observe their surroundings while spending quality time with the family. Hugaboo helps stabilize an infant’s back, sides, and legs while the child learns to sit up. The attached seat bottom prevents the infant from sliding or falling forward onto the floor.

The lightweight Hugaboo is compact and can easily be transported from room to room. Two toy attachments provide hours of entertainment for floor time activities that develop sensory and motor skills. Huambos are machine washable.

For more information call 800-315-9040 or visit

Baybush encourages
healthy sipping

Baybush offer mini open cups for healthy sipping for children from weaning/solid-feeding onwards—no lids, spouts, or seals. These cups are also for use with cup-feeding infants such as those with latch issues, bottle-refusal, cleft of tongue-tied babies, and others

Non-toxic, BPS-free, and phthalates-free the Baybush is durable, dishwasher-safe, and sterilizer-safe. The cups are translucent so children can see inside and are easy to clean. Made in Britain, the cups fit little hands and mouths so babies can learn to master the art of sipping really well.

For more information call 4401483866081 or visit

pNeo’s Tumzee® designed
for successful tummy time

pNeo’s Tumzee’s® unique design is specially created to help reduce the frustration that many babies feel during tummy time.
With a special “T” support to prevent a baby from sliding out, the Tumzee® allows the baby to be positioned on an incline, enabling them to interact with their environment and build the essential strength and skills needed for development.

Tumzee® has the softness required for infants to be comfortable laying on it but the firmness necessary to support their weight. Suitable for ages 6 weeks to 6 months, Tumzee® recently introduced the product in white.

For information visit

HeroBottle offers convenience,
easy transition from breast-feeding

New from Heroability is the HeroBottle, which, the company reports, is designed to give a baby a safe and better feeding experience, thanks to the patent pending HeroTeat. At the same, it is designed to make life easier for parents with its innovative design and function.

HeroBottle comes with an attachable storage compartment that is leakproof and freezer safe and is perfect for breast milk, formula, or snacks. The breast-like shape is reported to give infants a natural latch for an easy transition between nursing and bottle feeding. A unique curved design closes the corner of the baby’s mouth, reducing colic, gas, and spill.Its wide opening makes the HeroBottle easy to fill and clean. The unique mixer lid and net prevent lumps in the teat. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe. HeroBottle is available in 4.7 oz., 8.1 oz., and 12 oz. sizes, and the bottles can be upgraded with the HeroSport and HeroSippy lid.

Made of high quality polypropylene and medical grade silicone, the HeroBottle is free from toxic chemicals such as BPA, BPF, BPS, PVC, lead, phthalates, and nitrosamines.

For more information call 0046736447881 or visit

KidCo® alerts responders
to Medical Data Carrier

The KidCo® Child’s Medical Data Carrier® car sign alerts first responders to the presence of critical medical information about a child on board a vehicle.In case of an emergency, lifesaving information about the child is easily identifiable on this reflective sign. A bi-lingual identification card allows information to be completed in both English and French. Included with purchase of the data carrier is a companion app that provides users with live directions to a local hospital, emergency first aid assistance, SOS messaging to key contacts, digital medical information storage for the whole family and more. 

KidCo® was formed in 1992 and today specializes in children’s gates, home safety products, travel gear, and bed rails. For more information call 847/ 996-6437 or visit

Babocush designed for tummy time
and time-off for caregivers

Babocush, designed to provide essential recommended tummy time, and eliminates fears about flat head syndrome. A shaped mattress, mattress protector, and soft outer cover with a five-point harness, Babocush attaches to a bouncer of rocker.

The positioning possible with Babocush is reported to reduce wind, colic, reflux, and crying, while a gentle vibration and heartbeat soothes an infant.  The harness is designed to hug a baby securely, the tummy-down position adding further to the comfort of your baby. With the body, hands, feet, side of face, and head in contact with the babocush, your baby will not experience startling.

For more information visit

Babycup offers easy way to wean,
feed infants to age 36 months

Babycup is a multi-award winning mini open cup recommended by health experts including dentists and orthodontists for babies and young children up to 26 months. It is made from polypropylene and is non-toxic.
Babycup is suitable for cup-feeding, and encourages weaning and solid-feeding while developing fine motor skills and independence. Available in cheerful colors, Babycup is easy to clean, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and dishwasher and steam sterilizer safe.

For more information call 4401483866081 or visit

SmartNoggin Toys offers series
NogginStik,NogginSeek, more

The NogginStik™ developmental Rattle was created by Marcia Haut, an early childhood developmental therapist and founder of SmartNoggin. It’s designed to help parents encourage early milestones in infants. NogginStik™ isn’t just a cute toy. It’s an educational tool that can guide parents and caregivers through activities and interactions that will promote healthy brain development and bonding, and bring enjoyment to both parent and child.

The NogginStik® head lights up red, blue, and green to stimulate a baby’s eyes and to encourage visual tracking. The base of the NogginStik makes a soft rattle sound to please the ears and it even has an easy-to-hold handle for mastering grasping. The toy’s fun textures delight baby’s sense of touch.

The NogginSeek™ Peek & Seek is a classic developmental milestone maker and the ideal rattle for all babies. Every shake produces exciting movement and sounds. It was designed to encourage baby’s awareness of object permanence, promote wrist rotation, cause and effect, grasping, and rattle play skills.

For more information call 574/ 612-5292 or visit

Tush-a-Roo baby seat new
from East Babies LLC

Tush-a-roo is designed to secure little tushes in a wide variety of everyday, on-the-go situations and is perfect for shopping cards, event bleachers, public benches, restaurant high chairs, and numerous other applications.
The compact, lightweight, and portable chair seat is fully adjustable and accommodates infants from 6 months to 36 pounds. Made of high-tech, recyclable and durable thermo plastic, the chair seat is safety tested.
For information visit

Ellen DeGeneres expands brand
to serve babies and nurseries

Juvenile products manufacturer Bivona & Company was recently chosen to create a nursery furniture collection assortment for the ED Ellen DeGeneres baby lifestyle line. Bivona & Company, a design leader in the industry, renowned for manufacturing high-quality nursery furniture at affordable price points, brings Ellen’s aesthetic, positivity, and personality to the baby industry with a collection of modern, fresh nursery furniture and décor.
With its unique laser etched design, The Forest Animal collection features a rustic modern aesthetic with a touch of whimsy, inspired by Ellen’s love of animals and nature. All pieces are constructed of solid wood, wood veneers, and engineered wood and finished with a water-based natural grey stain. The collection features adorable custom-made metal knobs in an acorn shape. Available in this collection are: a two-poster convertible crib, double dresser, dressing kit, chifforobe, wall mirror, guardrail, and bed rail conversion kit.
“Babies love to be swaddled and should always be surrounded by love and kindness,” says Ellen DeGeneres of her new line. “ I created my baby collection with that thought in mind. Each piece has a message of love and the line is filled with whimsical and fun pieces.”
For more information call 732/ 527-0662 or visit or

Freshly Picked introduces diaper bags
featuring grab-and-go handles

The freshly Picked new diaper bag has been designed for moms by moms. Focus groups across the United States identified what moms really want in a diaper bag: large capacity, ease of use, durability, and style.
The Ebony diaper bag measures 13-in.x15-in.x7-in. Made of premium quality vegan leather,  the bag sports premium hardware in gold. Featuring 10 pockets and spacious central space to accommodate large items, the bag is 100 percent wipeable and spill resistant inside and out. A magnetic front flap provides easy closure without zipping, while a “grab and go” handle on the top is augmented by a 24-in. backpack strap and 47-in. shoulder strap, Metal feet on the bottom prevent the bag from touching the ground.
For more information call 801-960-2928 or visit

Australian company Incy Interiors
Introduces range of nursery furniture

Since the collection’s launch six years ago, it has expanded to seven countries.
In addition to hand-crafted wooden cribs and a selection of colorful metal cribs, Incy offers twin beds, full beds, and queen beds. Changing tables, bookcases, and side tables are also available, as are rocking chairs and storage ottomans.
A new velvet range will be shown at the ABC Kids 
For more information call 888/ 623-5044 or visit

Little GuySport pacifier mimics
football mouthguard
The company’s pacifier and detachable strap embodies the look of a throwback football mouthguard. With the pacifier and detachable strap available in a range of colors (four pacifier colors and 10 mouthguard strap colors), it is possible to produce a look for numerous sports teams.
Little Guy
Sport products are BPA-free, latex-free and phthalate-free, conforms to all safety requirements of the ATSM F 9063 and 16 CFR, and safety certified. Additionally, the FDA medical grade silicone nipple is thermally bonded and hermetically sealed to the mouthguard pacifier. The pacifier is designed to prevent any moisture from penetrating into the nipple that could compromise a little one’s health. Little Guy Sport products are made in the United States.
For more information call 951-691-9778 or visit

Lorena Canals introduces new
Galaxy Collection pillows, rugs

Outer space is one of the great inspirations of the season for Lorena Canals, noted for eco-friendly home accessories. From a MilkyWay inspired rug to a moon-like cushion, the new home accessories can add a trendy, intergalactic aesthetic the home or children’s rooms.
All of the rugs, cushions, baskets, and wall hangings are free of toxins and chemicals and are handmade from all-natural materials. They can also be cleaned in a conventional washer and dryer. Featuring 100 percent polyester stuffing and 100 percent cotton, the cushions are also machine washable. Child-friendly, the pillows are free of zippers and buttons.
For more information call 844/ 567-3622 or visit

M-Tron Innovations introduces
M-Tron One for All UV Sterilizer

New from M-Tron Innovations Limited is the M-Tron® One for All UV sterilizer which can sterilize both the bottle and the nipple at one time in four minutes.
The M-Tron fits any wide or standard neck bottles as well as stainless steel bottles, as well as anything that can be placed inside the top such as teethers, pacifiers, and other accessories. Featuring an auto-shutdown feature, the sterilizer shuts down the UV tube if the sterilizer is opened during sterilization.
BPA-free, the M-Tron can use a USB charging device or 2 AAA batteries. It is certified to kill 99.95% bacteria.
For more information call +966 50 7670300 or visit

Noninoni Kids makes debut
with easy to assemble crib

Noninoni Kids is introducing a new collection of safe and sustainable crib and furniture products that fit the modern aesthetic, are easy to assemble, and crafted with the highest standards.
Different from other cribs on the market, the Noni Crib and the Noni Mini are hardware-free and do not require tools for assembly and disassembly. The eco-friendly cribs are made in the USA with non-toxic finishes in exclusive colors, and meet all safety standards. The crib is available in seven colors.
Founded by Carina Bien-Willner Reichman, a mom and award-winning architect based in Los Angeles, Noninoni Kids provides cribs that are easy to dismantle and move. The Noni crib can be assembled
b one person in less than five minutes. It features three different mattress positions and a toddler rail is available for converting the crib to toddler bed. The crib fits a standard crib mattress.
For more information call 520-623-7177 or visit

Primo launches Voyager High Chair
which also serves as swing

Primo’s 2-in-1 Smart Voyager is a must-have item for new parents, combining the advantages of a high chair and swing. The comfortable and soothing swing chair calms an infant with eight gentle swing speeds, built-in music and sound, and full Bluetooth remote control from a smart phone. There’s also a cry activation mode.
In two simple steps, the swing chair transitions into a full high chair complete with easy-clean tray. Adjustable heights and reclining seat positions make the 2-in-1 Smart Voyager make it easy to custom fit for a baby.
For more information call 973/ 926-5900 or visit

SHOLDIT offers convenience
with nursing scarf with pocket

SHOLDIT is a multi-functional nursing scarf that includes a pocket. It is light weight, breathable, and can adjust with a mother’s every need. The pocket allows mom to carry a smartphone, wallet, keys, pacifier, wipes, creams, baby toys, a diaper, and more.
It can be styled in multiple ways and when it’s time to nurse, the scarf can simply be unwrapped and draped for breast feeding coverage. The patented design allows the scarf to be worn as a neck wrap, a shrug, or sling. The high quality reversible zipper allows the SHOLDIT to fold into a fashionable clutch purse and attach a wristlet. The scarf is made of a 100 percent poly blend fabric and is machine washable.
For more information call 855/ 746-5348 or visit

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