Sinkboss offers portable sanitary cleaning system

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Sinkboss is a portable, sanitary, and space-saving solution for washing and drying baby care products and breast pump parts in limited space and away from home.

The portable, lightweight, and compact invention creates a physical barrier between kitchenware and the potentially contaminated sink basin. Features include a pop-out basin, two panels featuring flexible blade-like shapes that hold utensils, bottles, and cups steady while they dry. Its pull-out legs allow it to be placed on a variety of platforms, while the hook-and-strap system allows it to be hung from various overhead and adjacent structures.

Weighing in at 2.14 lbs., Sinkboss, when closed, measures 12-in. x 10.5-in. x 2.25-in. Niloufar Gabbay, the inventor, was awarded a utility patent for the product.

For more information call 818/ 489-7207 or visit

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